Destination: Albania

Albania Private Tours

Albania is nestled between rippling mountains of the Baltic Peninsula and pristine beaches along the Meditteranean. Numerous private tours to Albania are now approaching this relatively unexplored European corner. This once-Roman-dwelled place is largely undiscovered and calls for witnessing some pretty Ottoman towns, local hospitality, and sumptuous cuisine.

Albania borders Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Greece. It spreads on an area of about 210 miles in length and occupies about 95 miles of the land in width. Its terrain is largely mountainous with elevations ranging above 650 feet. A densely forested and sparsely populated part of the North Albanian Alps consists of elevations approaching 8,900 feet. It’s pretty affordable to visit Albania and one can spend budgeted holidays over here without breaking the bank. Yet, Albania’s capital Tirana could get a little expensive, but still cheap as compared to the rest of Europe.

It has a characteristic Mediterranean climate that is principally dry and warm in Summers whereas mild and wet in Winters. Albania experiences 40% of the annual precipitation in winters. Locals here typically speak the Albanian language as non-native residents are less than 10% across the country. Therefore, learning to greet in Albanian may help you mingle with the locals. Following the Ottoman regime, Islam is practiced in Albania that was once banned owing to the enforcement of atheism. Though, its revival in the 90’s made the mosques and churches to re-open.

Travel Destinations

1.    Albanian Riviera

One of the prime tourism hotspots, the Albanian Riviera holds amazing nightlife, culture, and history. A drive through Llogara Pass is a refreshing experience like sailing through the clouds and over the sea. Also, private guided tours to the park go for picnics and adventures such as hiking and air sports. The gorgeous coastal canyon, Gjipe Canyon & Beach, can be approached via a 30-minute trek.

Furthermore, nightclubs attract many youngsters here from across Europe. Drymades Beach in Albanian Riviera calls for some liveliest experiences in the vicinity as the area receives sunlight round the year.

2.    Berat

Berat is one of the country’s oldest towns and is also known as ‘the City of a Thousand Windows’ owing to its blend of Ottoman and Albanian architecture. It houses a 14th-century castle which is a prime tourist attraction and is resided by many people. Berat was also declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2008. A famous byzantine church ‘Church of St. Mary of Blachernae’ is another worth seeing tourist site in Berat.

Private tour to Berat

3. Ksamil Islands

If you love beaching and that too in a serene remote environment, then Ksamil Islands is a hidden gem for you. Located off the coast, it’s a bunch of three small islands that can be reached via ferry from the small town of Ksamil. Albania’s natural beauty is at its best in Ksamil Islands. So, don’t forget to make a trip to this unspoiled beach when roaming around in Albania.

Private tour to Ksamil Islands

Ksamil Islands offer a breathtaking sunset view, one can go snorkeling or sunbathe on the beach. A 6-hour boat ride along Ksamil beaches provides a great panoramic view around which you wouldn’t want to miss.

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