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Austriacelebrated for its Alps, castles, and astounding architecture – owns a great geographical position in Central Europe and experiences multiple private tours around the year. One can take routes to Austria from some prominent bordering European countries including Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia, and Switzerland. The capital of Austria, Vienna, is renowned for its blend of historic baroque art and contemporary architecture. However, Austria’s seasonal cuisine brings a wealth of joy to your tastebuds, when in Europe.

Austria is a country of multiple ethnicities with the majority being Christians. Roman Catholicism is strongly practiced among Austrian residents. You would need Euros as a payment currency everywhere in Austria. Whereas, some hotels and markets in metropolitan cities accept USD as well. However, it’s a good idea to carry along some change in Euros.

You won’t regret learning a little German when planning to spend some time here because nearly everyone speaks German over here. As of 2019 statistics, 8.8 million people dwell in Austria among which around 1.6 million are foreigners. So, you can expect a multilingual environment, especially at tourist spots. The transport infrastructure in Austria is well established and one can take a one-way public transport trip through the town in 2.5 Euros on average. Tourists are also offered special deals on taking a ride around the attractions.

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Traveling to Europe is no less than a relishing experience and is incomplete without sightseeing picturesque Austria. The upland areas of Austria are as busy in the Winters as they are in Summers, making it a round-the-year attraction for escorted tours and travel groups. Moving forward, it extends around 360 miles East-West along the Danubian trade route while you can swan North-South endorsing the magnificent Alpines enroute.

Forests cover around 40% of the Austrian Landscape, whereas around 75% is encompassed by woods and meadows. One can witness many of the unique wild animals including swans, owls, falcons, and brown bears that are conserved by law.

Austria, one of Europe’s most popular holiday destination, comprises of some top tourist destinations;

1. The Vienna Hofburg

This famous imperial palace stands tall in the center of Vienna city, currently housed by the Austrian president. Formerly, Austrian sovereigns dwelled in this place for almost 600 years, marking it as an important hub of European history. Though, the current Vienna Hofburg is the outcome of multiple architectural influences involving  Renaissance, Classicism, Baroque, Gothic, and Rococo.

Private tour to The Vienna Hofburg

As you walk through the 15th century Imperial Silver Collection, it gives an essence of the lavish feasts of the imperial past. Sisi Museum inside is all about Elizabeth’s luxurious life illustrating her personal belongings.

2. Salzburg

Salzburg, a declared UNESCO world heritage site, was a spiritual focus from the earliest Christianity days. The site now exhibits a blend of beautiful cathedrals, monasteries, and residencies from medieval times. One can roam around for hours to see the mesmerizing Baroque architecture guided by the Prince Archbishops.

Private tour to Salzburg

3. Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn palace lies in the outskirts of Vienna and is a 1700s architectural icon. However, Empress Maria Theresa later transformed it into a summer residence. Resting on its grounds are 40 rooms, exotic gardens, a farmhouse, zoo, and many tropical plants. Stopping at this palace marks another UNESCO World Heritage site visit on your list.

Private tour to Schönbrunn Palace

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