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Bosnia and Herzegovina Private Tours

Geographically placed between Serbia and Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the land of diversity and attracts many private tours each year. This land of 51,200 sq. km was primarily ruled by the Ottoman Empire. Following an independence referendum in 1992 led to its freedom. The Ottoman architecture can still be seen in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The climate here is generally mild, but, if you’re planning to visit the country in Winters, it’s freezing cold. Summers are usually pleasant to make a tour around with temperatures averaging 22°C and July being the warmest and rainy.

Mainly Turkish and European influences can be experienced in the culture and cuisine of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The natives speak Croatian, Bosnian, and Serbian according to one’s ethnic and political association. Travelers can book hotels, motels, or other tiny lodges, whereas, campsites are uncommon. People are quite friendly and tourists can roam around safely.

Islam is widely practiced in Bosnia and Herzegovina while Eastern Orthodoxy is the second largest religion here. Croat population particularly in Western Herzegovina normally practice Catholicism.

Be assured to take along the Bosnian Currency BAM (The Bosnian Mark) as it is the widely accepted currency in the country. Whereas, keeping a few Euros would be a great idea.


Travel Destinations


1. Sarajevo

The historical city of Sarajevo is a fascinating place for historians. It portrays the remains of the battle that divided the former Yugoslavia. The Sarajevo Tunnel or the Tunnel of Hope dates back to 1993 and is a profound representation of survival from the siege of Bosnian Sarajevo. The museum sightseeing is quite popular among the tourists and is an insightful experience.

private tours to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Touring around the city center in Sarajevo, you get the chance to try the famous local cookery such as Cevapi, Burek, Klepe, and Dolma as well as enjoy the stunning nightlife.

2. Banja Luka

After Sarajevo, Banja Luka is the next largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina that calls for a knock-around. A classic Orthodox Cathedral stands tall in the city center offering a detailed overview of the intricacy and elegance of the Orthodox style.

private tours to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kastel Fortress exhibits the historic Ottoman and Roman remains as well as the ethnic heritage of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Krupa Waterfalls outside the Vrbas River features a great escape from city life and an opportunity to immerse in nature.

3. Jajce

Turkish wooden water mills rest on the Pliva River in Jajce that attracts many tourists for fascinating photography in a picturesque natural environment. Moreover, a magnificent 22-meter high waterfall joins Pliva and Vrbas Rivers delivering a serene sight. However, the roads through the mountains are in poor condition and might not serve many tourists.

private tours to Bosnia and Herzegovina

The touristic influx here contains a substantial portion of middle-eastern vacationers.


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