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Croatia, a small and geographically diverse country, holds the Northwestern Balkan Peninsula belt. Multiple private tours make trips to Croatia to explore a wealth of exciting places and local hospitality. The vibrant Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, has to offer some top tourist attractions including restaurants, museums, galleries, and whatnot. Croatian Kuna, the official currency of Croatia, is widely accepted across the country. But Euros would do at the majority of the tourist places.

Dinaric Alps lie to the East and the Adriatic Sea to the West of Croatia. If you love sunbathing on the islands and beaches, Croatia’s 1,100 miles of Mediterranean coast brings about a delightful experience.

Temperatures fall to as low as -20°C in winters whereas Summers are scorching and get as hot as 40°C. Croatia experiences substantial rainfall in the winters that turn to snow owing to freezing temperatures.

In Croatia, 90% are Croats, whereas, minorities constitute Serbs (make the largest portion of minorities), Bosnians, Hungarians, Italians, and Slovenes. Around 4.8 million people speak the official language of Croatia, however, the Serbo-Croatian language is also popular among many. You may not have to struggle with English there as almost half of the population has fair English speaking skills. Owning multiple ethnicities, Croatians are generally Roman-Catholic. Around 4.4% of the population is Orthodox Christians.


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Let’s take a virtual tour of a few of the scenic locations in Croatia that you should mark on your go-to list.

1.    Hvar Town

Beautiful Dalmatian Islands in Hvar Town call for enjoying the picturesque nature, architecture, and pleasant climate. Well, love seafood? This is the ultimate place to satisfy your tastebuds and tuna cravings.

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It won’t be mistaken to call it a ‘town that never sleeps’ as tourists, particularly celebs come here to throw parties and have fun. So, if you’re a party-person, Hvar town is for you when in Croatia! Hotels in the area are a bit expensive, however, this again depends on the season and tourist influx.

2.    Plitvice Lakes National Park

A UNESCO heritage site of Croatia, Plitvice Lakes became a popular tourist spot in the late 19th century. It’s a complex of sixteen interlinked lakes and a huge woodland that makes it a heavenly off-the-beaten-track location. One can find several lake hotels in the vicinity and multiple options to get around. You can walk or hike spectacular trails, or even take a bus on the route.

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3.    Trogir

It is another alluring seaside town in Croatia that’s a delightful vacationing point. This is a history-rich town that dates back to the rule of Greeks and Romans. The best part is you get to live at some top-rated restaurants, experience lavish seafood, and shop from unlimited souvenir choices. Apart from the serene beaches, the amazing architecture of cathedrals, palaces, castles, and towers will leave you impressed by the rich Croatian history and culture. Summers is a good time to visit Trogir.

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