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The Czech Republic welcomes a large number of private tours from all over the world for its stunning geographical and historical attractions. This bowl-shaped country is situated in central Europe’s heart and works as a gate between east and west.

Surrounded by Austria, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia, it is a landlocked country having 10.61 million peaceful inhabitants as of 2018. Being 8th on Global Peace Index 2020, Czechia welcomes and tolerates whatsoever religion or culture you belong to. The capital city Prague, also known as the ‘city of hundred spires’, is proud of having the world’s largest ancient castle, occupying a 570 x 130-meter area. This magnificent castle attracts over 2 million visitors yearly and has its name in the Guinness Book.

Tourists having quench to witness the captivating beauty of middle age architecture consider Czechia a must-see country. Over 2000 castles provide a self speaking reason of appeal for the tourists. The travel and tour agency in Czechia contributed 1.31 billion Czech Kurona to GDP in 2018. Whereas, the forecast for 2028 is 154.8 billion

The transport system of Czechia knocks the socks off tourists worldwide because it is lavishly convenient, easily accessible, comfortable, reliable, and economical. All you need to know is your navigation destiny.

While planning a visit to the Czech Republic, one should carry the native currency Czech Koruna, as Euro is a rarely accepted currency in hotels, motels, and restaurants. People generally speak the Czech language, whereas, English is also widely recognized. Therefore, learning the basic terms of Czechs will allow tourists to convey a goodwill gesture.

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Czechia is a country enriched with ancient heritage and having highly developed towns, alpine meadows, medieval castles, the highest mountains, four national parks, and a beautiful landscape. This architectural gem is one of the most visited countries in Europe. Here are the three hotspots for tourists.

1. Prague

Prague, the cultural, political, and capital city, is the most populated city of Czechia. While visiting Prague, don’t miss watching time on the world’s oldest in-operation astronomical clock that dates back to the 14th century.


Another point of curiosity is the John Lennon Wall. Someone painted the portrait of this famous singer on this wall after his death. Since then, this wall is always covered with quotes, pictures, and lyrics of John.

Near the magnificent Charles Bridge, an astounding narrow street of Prague attracts tourists’ attention. A traffic light controls the walk through this only 50 cm wide striking track.

2. Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is the second most visited place in the Czech Republic. Charles IV founded and named this beautiful spa town surrounded by romantic hilly areas and famous for its magical healing mineral springs. Initially, people used this water for bathing, but now they drink it to cure the metabolic disorder.


3. Kutná Hora

A silver mining town designated as UNESCO world heritage for its architectural significance is worth visiting in the Czech Republic. Who would escape the chance of seeing a Gothic Style cathedral of St. Barbara constructed in 500 years lengthy period? Another worth watching site in the town is the artistically created Sedlec Ossuary, a Roman Catholic Chapel. About 200,000 visitors come here to investigate the chapel, decorated with the bones of over 70000 humans skeletons.

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