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The magically inspiring Germany experience a crazy number of private tours each year and is a must-visit destination at least once. Germany is bounded by several countries based upon its cardinal directions and one can easily enter Germany from any of these. To its west lies Holland, Belgium, and Luxembourg. France borders it from the southwest. On the North, Germany shares its boundaries with Denmark. Austria and Switzerland shadow it from the South. Whereas the eastern frontier adjoins Poland and the Czech Republic. This 7th largest European country extends on an area of 357,022 sq. km.

The phoenix-like re-emergence of Berlin, Germany’s capital, from the remnants of World War II has a magnificent history to show in terms of medieval castles, churches, and some contemporary architecture. Apart from this, enjoying nature, experiencing the culture, and honeymooning could drag you all the way to Germany.

Germany has a temperate climate that makes summers not-so-warm and winters great for tourism. However, one can find multiple overcast winter days in Germany.

Germans are primarily Christians but the number of people actively practicing religion is quite low.


Travel Destinations


1. Berlin

Visiting Germany without touring around Berlin is deemed inadequate. This hub of tourism and the capital city of Germany offers a range of exciting activities for almost everyone. Berlin offers a great opportunity to witness the history of its many wars.

One of the main tourist attractions is The Brandenburg Gate which is a symbol of peace and harmony. Since 1791, it stands 26 meters tall containing six columns and five walkways. You can create memorable photos standing in front of this magnificent architecture.

Germany Private Tours

Potsdamer Platz is another Berlin beauty that was surprisingly turned from the ashes of World War II into a decorated hub of business and tourism. One can find multiple restaurants, cinemas, and theatres on the premises. If kids accompany you, the Legoland discovery center is the perfect go-to place. Many other cathedral, churches, museums, memorials, and zoos await your exploration in Berlin.

2. The Black Forest

A mesmerizing Black Forest is a must-visit place in the German uplands where nature is at its best. This 160-kilometers of hiker’s heaven occupies the southwestern corner of Germany. It boasts of a beautiful resort known as Bad Liebenzell, an old ski area Todtnau, and the Baden-Baden spa. One can easily find places to stay around the corner. Black Forest Railway gives you astounding views of the landscape.

Germany private tours

3. The Island of Rügen

Apart from the city centers, historical monuments, and natural landscapes, Germany has one of the most sought-after beaches in whole Europe. Rügen, the largest island of the German Baltic Sea, has adorable sandy beaches, lagoons, forested hills, and flat farmland. Jasmund Peninsula is a popular site for nature and wildlife lovers. The Jasmund National Park contains notable rare species.

Germany private tours

The island has a visitor center from where one can get plenty of information about the place. The princely town of Putbus is another historical town to explore owing to its neoclassical buildings.


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