Destination: Hungary

Hungary Private Tours

People, planning private tours to Hungary can expect to visit a paradise on earth, having one-tenth of territory as nature’s preserve. Hungary is a landlocked country situated in East of Austria, west of Romania, south of Slovakia, and north of Croatia and Serbia.

Hungarians are talented, polite, quiet, and calm. They don’t like loud noise or voices in public places. Being jingoistic, they don’t listen to criticism about their culture and country. They neither smile nor extend courtesy without a cause. Hungarian respect the woman, “women first” policy works in public places. Also, Prof Katalin Karikó, the developer of the most wanted Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, belongs to Hungary.

Hungary is one of the ten countries having the highest Olympic gold medal per capita. Hungary is famous for its plethora of non-veg cuisine and excessive use of paprika in its recipes.

Hungary has various cultures and ethnic groups living in peace and moving towards prosperity. Catholicism is the most practiced religion there. Protestantism comes on the second, and others belong to the Latin rite. When planning luxury travel to Hungary, learn the most challenging Magyar language to get the Hungarians’ comity. People speaking foreign languages will be out of luck there.

Hungary’s rapid and economical transport system will make you feel snug as a bug in a rug. Budapest is proud of having the second oldest underground metro line since 1896. Before landing on this spell-bounding architectural site, exchange your local money with Hungarian Forint or use a master card. The dollar is of no use there, and the euro is the least acceptable money.


Travel Destinations 

1. Budapest

Bisected by the Danube river, also known as a “spa capital of Europe”, Budapest is one of the most scenic cities of Europe. Tourists believe the Hungary tour is incomplete without riding on a boat in the Danube river.

Hungary private tours

Budapest is home to Europe’s largest synagogue and the world’s largest geothermal cave system.  Tourists buy Budapest 48 hours cards for free rides and entry in exciting tourist spots like the Buda Castle, Danube river, Parliament building, and Szechenyi thermal bath.

2. Pécs

Named as the cultural capital of Europe in 2010, Pécs is a Livecom award-winning city. It’s home to Hungary’s first cultural library and Hungary’s first-ever university. Tourists who are interested in culture and history, pay homage to this 2000 years historic city with Turkish ruins, iconic Zsolany Fountain, Pecs Cathedral, Pecs National Theater, and the mosque of Ghazi Pasha.

Hungary private tours

3. Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton, also known as the “Hungarian Sea”, is the biggest freshwater lake in central Europe that occupies 594 square kilometers. It is the most affordable tourist resort, offering substantial cultural diversity and delicious food to its tourists. The temperature of the water is 20 to 22 C in summer.

Hungary private tours

It is famous for its mild climate, clean air. , Mediterranean feel and beautiful suburbs. The nearest villages and towns offer a congenial environment to the tourists. The freshwater of the lake welcomes the tourists with green bounty water. Legend says the existence of the Ceratium hirundinella algae in the water is the reason for the green color of this lake. To spend an exciting party night, Siofok, the party town of Balton Lake, is a must-see holiday destination.

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To find the most curious facts about European history and dip your toes in the warm spas, let’s visit from Budapest to Venice. It’s an eternity for water lovers to boat in the colossal Danube river, curving through the two famous cities of Europe- Buda and Pest.

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