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When planning a trip to Europe, don’t miss taking private tours to Italy, a country with two independent states. Italy, the land of art and architecture, is home to the renowned Pisa Tower and the world’s oldest university (University of Bologna). The beautiful Italian language has borrowed over 90% from Latin. So if you know Latin, it will also work there. Italians name their love affair with soccer as Football Tifosi (carrier of disease).

Its diversified geo-climatic areas include hills along the sea, developed villages resting on mountains, fertile plains, snowcapped lakes, gigantic rivers, and exquisite beaches.

Lodging in Italy is not a big deal for tourists. It offers clean and comfortable public restrooms not costing more than a euro. Furthermore, Italians are hospitable people who love talking, walking, accepting, and helping tourists. Most Italians are Christian Catholic, and religion dominates the political and social life.

Tourists observe the food obsession of Italians at lunchtime when the whole of Italy is closed. Most Italian food is known to us like Pizza, Pasta, Formaggio, and Gelato. Yet the taste served in Italian dining attracts tourists throughout the world. Emptying your dining plates is a must-follow dining etiquette in Italy.

One can shop with ATM or credit card in Italy, but euros in hand is also a must as many shops don’t accept plastic money.


Travel Destinations


1. Rome

People having an interest in history must visit this 3000 years old city known as Eternal city. Centuries-old historical buildings, antique houses, ancient churches, and ruins give the visitor a sense of decades. Rome built the first shopping mall in 1107-110 AD. It has over 900 churches.

Italy private tours

Few tourists know the background of the saying, “All roads lead to Rome.” After visiting Rome, they acknowledge Rome built 55000 miles long roads in Europe.

2. Venice

Venice is famous for its unique geographical situation, picturesque sights, and antique urban heritage. Other names of this city are “city of the canal” or “floating city”. It is located in the Venetian Lagoon that is the site of UNESCO. There are 118 islands, 400 bridges, and over 150 canals in Venice. Boating is the standard transport there. Cyclists and bikers ought to know that a huge fine is charged if you use these vehicles in Venice.

Italy private tours

The Doge’s Palace, the residence of the former republic’s supreme authority, is worth viewing landmark. Whereas, the Rialto market in Venice is 1000 years old.

It is a cool spot on the tourist trail and one of the overrated cities in Europe. Over 20 million tourists visit Venice daily. Interestingly, this city of the canal is sinking yearly 1-2 mm.

3. Florence

Florence, the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci and Florence Nightingale, is a beautiful city in Italy. Its beauty is so mesmerizing that the famous Florence syndrome (a disease-causing high heartbeat rate and fainting on being exposed to an art piece) happened in Florence the first time.

Italy private tours

The well-known dome of Duomo, constructed with 37000 million bricks, is the largest in the world. It weighs 37000 metric tons. The frozen sweet Gelato emerged in Florence in the 16th century. The splendid city of Florence is also a pioneer in paving the streets in Europe.

Another point of attraction is Ponte Vecchio, Florence’s only bridge that survived WWII. UNESCO claims that one-third of the world’s art treasure is in Florence.


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