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Digital nomads of COVID-19 now deserve to seek private tours to Montenegro, a mesmerizing encounter between land and the sea. Besides, it’s blessed with alpine mountains, deep canyons, immense glaciers, and mighty seas. This teensy weensy country shares borders with Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, and Croatia. Montenegro is at the top of the World Tourism and Travel Council’s ranking owing to its natural beauty and tourism potential.

Interestingly this world’s second-youngest state declared itself in its constitution as an ecological state. All over the world rivers flow downstream, but Montenegro’s Bojana river flows upstream due to its geographical configuration.

Stara Maslina, the world’s oldest olive tree, leaves the visitors rooted to the spot owing to its 10 meters volume and 2000 years span. Montenegro is home to the world’s highest mausoleum, (657 meters above sea level), and the second deepest Tara canyon (1300 meters deep).

The tall-height people here are relatively modest, quiet, caring, and calm. They love and trust each other. Extensive smoking and weeks-long pompous celebrations on a male baby’s birth are part of their culture. Furthermore, generosity and kindness are inherited to Montenegrins from the bounty nature spreading everywhere.

Montenegrin is a meat lover nation. Seafood dishes cost you a bit higher than meat dishes. They don’t drink tea but coffee. The official currency is Euro there, but not being a part of the European Union, Montenegro doesn’t have the privilege to issue it. Credit cards are also accepted there.

Comprising of almost 650,000 population out of which 70 percent Orthodox, 20 percent Muslims and rest are Catholics, this is a religion sensitive country. While visiting this picturesque country, tourists go through the religious holiday calendar as the entire Montenegro business remains closed on religious events.


Travel Destinations 


1. Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar is a must-visit, beautiful, romantic, lovely, and peaceful family place for nature lovers. Surrounded by rocky shores, ancient architecture, and a national park, it is the largest bird reserve in Europe. The government preserved it as a national park because it is home to the threatened species. There is a whole new magical world casting a spell on the tourists and taking their breath away on every turning. Tourists often go hiking in the nearby karst mountains to enjoy the lake’s breathtaking view from the hilltop.

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2. Bay Of Kotor

A geographically incredible piece of sheer beauty, Kotor town is on UNESCO’s world heritage sites list. It is also known as an open-air museum. The heart of the Adriatic sea, the bay of Kotor, is situated in Southwestern Montenegro. The bay’s blue water flowing through the Green mountains presents a dramatic scene in summer where the glorious past of ancient Kotor town meets the magnificent present. The boat trip through the twists and turns of the bay and then retiring and eating in the stone building restaurant makes you feel like you live in the Middle Ages.

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3. Podgorica

Tourists get surprised to know that Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro, has managed to change its name five times over its history. The city is located in central Montenegro, where two rivers cross the town, designating it a geographically and strategically important city for centuries. Its most prosperous historical legacy, moderate climate, and the vicinity of famous Montenegro’s Niagara fall on the Civejna river make it off the beaten track for tourists. The food here is amazingly delicious. Moreover, there is a playground for kids. Seating on the restaurant’s outdoor table on the Cijevna river, it appears that an impressive waterfall is coming from all sides.

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