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North Macedonia Private Tours

Millions of tourists go for private tours to North Macedonia, a centuries-old contested country, replete with historical events and buildings. Macedonia is located in the Balkan peninsula, sharing borders with Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo, Greece, and Albania. This tiny country witnessed the greatest empires like Alexander the Great, the Roman, the Byzantine, the Ottoman, and the Yugoslavia before getting independence in 1991. There are mighty mountains, extensive wildlife, national parks, grand lakes, stone-built buildings, extended hiking trails, and picturesque landscapes. Skopje is the state-of-the-art capital of North Macedonia.

Macedonia is home to Europe’s oldest Ohrid lake and the only Ruby mine. Moreover, it is the first country to launch wireless broadband for the public. It cultivates the strongest potent opium with 14 Morphin units. Plus, Macedonians are gracious. Shaking hands with strangers is their culture.

Macedonia is an Orthodox Christian country. Having over 1000 churches and a significant number of mosques, Macedonia gives the message of religion’s dominancy. Out of 2 million inhabitants, 67 percent population is Eastern Orthodox Macedonians, and 23 percent are Muslims. Politics is religion-centric there.

In Macedonia, food costs next to nothing. Macedonian dishes are fresh, colorful, vibrant, and amazingly delicious. A combination of flavorsome fruits, vegetables, quality dairy items, and juicy meat brings a heavenly taste to the tourists. The yummy, thick, and popularly priced coffee proves as an energy booster for visitors. They respect their cuisine in a way that none can do in Europe.

Though Euro is acceptable at many places yet for the safe side, exchange of local currency in Macedonian Denar is doable for a hassle-free travel experience.


Travel Destinations


 1. Ohrid Town And Lake

Known as Macedonia’s jewels, in the southwestern corner of the country, the Town of Ohrid is a popular summer resort having a panoramic view, soothing environment, and natural beauty. The town has churches, monasteries, fortresses, castles, theaters, clean stoned streets, medieval buildings, beautiful beaches, and aromatic Macedonian cuisine. Ohrid town, along with Ohrid lake, is a paradise for tourists. Boating in the lake is affordable. Some visitors do cliff jumping and kayaking. Visiting Ohrid town is easy on the pocketbook. Minimal entry fee on tourist spots makes it the cheapest picnic resort.

North Macedonia Private Tours

2. Skopje

Hangout in Skopje is fun that worths the money. Having double-decker London-style busses, Berlin-style architecture, and several statutes as in Rome, Skopje is also known as the “copy and paste city” of Europe. The city has the second-largest bazaar in the Balkans, full of contrasts on every nook, and the visitors find themselves 100 years back standing in this bazaar. Kale fortress, built on the city’s highest point, portrays the awe-inspiring view of the Bazar. A massive cross on Mount Vodno welcomes the tourists through the entire town and reminds Christianity’s dominance here.

North Macedonia Private Tours

3. Matka Canyon

Matka Canyon is a gateway to the well-expressed beauty of nature. Covering almost 5000 hectares, this gem of Macedonia is located 25 km away from Skopje. Matka canyon is home to the cave Vrelo (one out of the top 77 natural sites of the world) and Macedonia’s national park. Deer, bear, wolf, and over 129 species of birds roam in the park. Matka is an enticing resort for nature and hiking lovers. It provokes tourists’ senses and offers various adventures like boating in the lake, climbing mountains, and dining in restaurants.

North Macedonia Private Tours

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