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Serbia, once a part of Yugoslavia, occupies the west-central Balkans and welcomes many private tours around the year. It extends on a land area of 88,499 square kilometers. The western side binds the country with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia’s Slovenian region. Northern boundary further locks with Hungary. East contains Romania and Bulgaria. At the south of it lies North Macedonia.

Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, is a hub of museums, galleries, historical monuments, and world-class nightlife. The lofty peaks of Serbia call for immersion in a fresh breath of Alpine air, hiking, paragliding, and other adventurous activities.

Serbia is a bit off the tourist trail and has to offer some unrivaled natural beauty and the healing essence of mineral springs. Not only this, but the locals are very hospitable and ambitiously ready to indulge tourists in their culture and traditions.

Among 6.945 million Serbs in the country, nearly 84.6% are Orthodox Christians whereas Muslims, atheists, Catholics, and Protestants make the rest of the minor portion. The official language is Serbian, however, English is widely spoken in the majority of tourist places. If you’re carrying Euros or USD along, they can easily be converted to Serbian dinar (RSD) at Belgrade Airport.

Winters are way too cold to enjoy tourism in Serbia. However, June through August is the best time with little precipitation that one can plan to travel around the country. Also, it’s the busiest month bracket for tourism in Serbia, hence, you can also plan your itinerary from September through November. March could be the cheapest month to visit Serbia as the tourist influx is low.

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The urban architecture, serene towns, and the countryside welcome around 2.5 million tourists each year from January to August (as of 2019 statistics). Apart from the landscape, Serbian cuisine will sure embrace your tastebuds and give you a flavorsome experience.

1. Belgrade

It’s known to be one of the liveliest cities in the whole of Europe. There’s a lot to discover on the list among galleries, museums, parks, and monuments. Kalemegdan Fortress depicts the medieval art of the 1st century which is now a primary historical complex. The Victor monument on the upper part of Kalelegdan Fortress is a famous sculpture by Ivan Mestrovic. It also has 2 churches and a military museum to explore. In short- it’s a perfect place to walk, jog, sit, and relax.

Serbia Private Tours

2. Novi Sad

Novi Sad is Serbia’s second-largest city and home to Europe’s most iconic music festival EXIT. It also houses a popular Petrovaradin Fortress. It’s situated on the right bank of Danube river. If you’re short on time in Novi Sad, explore the city center’s finest buildings, hop in the Petrovaradin Fortress, observe the magical sunset in Danube River, and immerse yourself in the city’s nightlife.

Serbia Private Tours

3. Uvac Canyon

The Uvac River spectacularly meanders in southwestern Serbia and is a top destination for extravagant sight-seeing of the twisting river channels surrounded by the majestic mountains. It offers several hiking trails that cover the Uvac Canyon and an Ice Cave of nearly 2 kilometers in length. Inside the cave remains a temperature of 8°C and displays several ornaments. One can find many local private tours for a wholesome personalized visit around the Canyon.

Serbia Private Tours

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