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Slovakia Private Tours

Many private tours to Central Europe overlook Slovakia, the land of medieval castles and misty mountains. This small country is landlocked by Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, and the Czech Republic and got separated from Czechoslavakia in 1993. Slovakia’s capital Bratislava lies along the Danube River and serves as a cultural center. Mass tourism has discovered its astounding nature, rich history, traditional rituals, and unique caves, relatively lately.

5.4 million people dwell on this 49,000 square kilometers of land, which is mostly covered by mountains. Winters could get severely cold and the temperature falls below freezing point to around -5°C. However, Summers usually experience moderate weather conditions (20°C). Slovaks are primarily Roman Catholic whereas 10% of the population is atheist.

Slovakia is under the influence of multiple languages including Polish, German, Hungarian, Ukrainian, though Slovak is the official language of the country. However, tourists may get surprised by the fact that English is widely communicated in the country.

The best part is, Slovakia is CHEAP! So if you’re low on budget you can still see one more European country before leaving. Public transportation is greatly economical. The Slovak Koruna got replaced by Euros in 2009 and hence one can spend around Euros conveniently.

Travel Destinations 

1.    Spiš Castle

Spiš Castle is marked as one of the greatest castle complexes in whole Europe. It’s a UNESCO-protected site and serves as a precious cultural and administrative monument. This magnificent piece of art was initially built in the 12th century. Tourists get the advantage of audio-guide as well. This historical site has the privilege to house the filming of some famous Hollywood movies.

Slovakia private tours

Furthermore, if you climb up the 22-m high tower, your vision will be treated with picturesque views of the surrounding towns and villages that call for crazy photography.

2.    Bratislava

The capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava, lies among the lush vineyards and besides the Danube River. The old town has dramatic medieval architecture and brags a wealth of history and culture. You can start the day at Main Square that displays the landmark of Roland’s Fountain, one of the most famous in Bratislava. St Michael’s Gate, a classic model of Baroque architecture, provides entry to and offers exceptional views of the city.

Slovakia private tours

Bratislava Castle teaches the country’s great history and is now a refreshing place to roam around. Another historical masterpiece Primate’s Palace calls for witnessing the huge Hall of Mirrors, high-up ceiling, and enormous chandeliers.

Don’t miss out on Slovakian cuisine when in Bratislava as it is home to many traditional restaurants that’ll cheer up your taste buds. Lastly, the UFO bridge will seek your attention for a lovely sunset view while unwinding your day at Bratislava.

Slovakia private tours

3.    Tatras and Slovak Paradise National Parks

Owing to its unspoiled nature, Slovakia’s Tatras and Paradise National Parks are dream destinations for sight-seeing. Tatras National Park offers countless adventurous activities such as climbing, hiking, hopping on a cable car amidst lofty peaks, and skiing. Don’t forget to cherish a famous spa resort in the Tatras national park.

Slovakia private tours

Paradise National Park is situated in East Slovakia and offers an exclusive spot for cycling, bird-watching, witnessing biodiversity, lush parks, and unique caves. Several connections are built up employing wooden bridges, ladders, and chains.

Slovakia Private Tours

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