Destination: Slovenia

Slovenia Private Tours

Slovenia is a clean and green European country where private tours wander round the year for refreshing sightseeing. This land of 20,271 km² is bordered by Austria, Hungary, Italy, and Croatia. Over 2.1 million people inhabit this small but topographically diverse country. Besides, Slovenians portray a charming culture with sumptuous cuisine that you surely wouldn’t want to skip.

The terrain of Slovenia is mainly rugged with snow-capped lofty peaks, lush green plains, and scenic beaches. The historical architecture of Slovenian towns plays no less a part in it being a dream destination. The country also houses a tectonic fault line due to which its capital Ljubljana suffered a devastating earthquake in 1895.

Christianity generally prevails in Slovenia. Besides, Italians and Hungarians are the two prominent ethnic minorities in Slovenia. This, however, results in Italian and Hungarian being the co-official languages of Slovenia. Slovene, whereas, is the official language in the country. The language barrier may not be an issue there as the locals are generally friendly and hospitable, and many of them understand English.


Travel Destinations

1.    Ljubljana

Slovenia’s capital city Ljubljana makes it to the top of the recommended attractions in Slovenia. It is a small charming city that offers a magnificent site of three bridges, also known as Triple Bridges, engineered parallel to one another on the River Ljubljanica. This small city is also home to wonderful art and architecture, an orchestra, a zoo, and a theater. You’ll find cultural vividness and vibrancy and Europe’s top food destinations.

Slovenia Private Tours

2.    Lake Bled

Lake Bled is a dreamland for nature lovers and is situated only 35 kilometers from the Ljubljana International airport in the town of Bled. This astounding water body amidst the Julian alps contains emerald green water which is a refreshing treat to the eyes. An island is engulfed by Lake Bled that boasts a magnificent old church from the 17th century. If you’re short on time, you can still easily see around the lake in a single eve. A horse riding facility is also available on the lakeshore. Rowboating in the lake is another fun activity that you’d love to explore. Plus, climbing atop the centuries-old castle will give you incredible panoramic views of the vicinity.

Slovenia Private Tours

3.    Postojna

After the hustling tour of the capital city and a relaxing eve at Lake Bled, Postojna will welcome you with a wholesome view of the extensive cave system. Tourists can walk or take a train tour of 20 km wide in-house chambers, hallways, and galleries. A couple of ceilings are as high as 150 feet. One can curiously explore every corner of the Postojna Cave Park and experience the dazzles of a wonderworld.

Slovenia private tours

This cave is a perfect demonstration of the Karst formations – heavily eroded limestone structures. This station also houses a famous Karst research institute.

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