Eastern Europe Christmas tour

Our Eastern Europe Christmas tour offers a number of wonderful Christmas markets. It gives you the opportunity to try local dishes and drinks. Also, we are sure you’ll enjoy the astonishing nature of Slovenia, Austria, and other beautiful Eastern European countries. Join us on this festive journey for the best Christmas experience!

Switzerland and Southern Germany tour

Explore Switzerland’s astonishing lakes and admire the Alps. Also, visit Germany’s beautiful castles and other architectural miracles. Enjoy beautiful views and historical sites. Join our Switzerland and Southern Germany tour for the best experience!

Adriatic tour

Experience the beautiful Adriatic coast and the magnificent Julian Alps on a tour of Venice, Slovenia, and Croatia. Admire the best historical sites and enjoy breathtaking views along the Adriatic sea. Join our Adriatic tour for the best experience.

UNESCO sites tour

Experience the best sites from Slovenia to Montenegro with our UNESCO sites tour. Visit amazing historical sites and enjoy the beautiful nature protected by UNESCO World Heritage. Take the opportunity to learn a lot about the history of the countries you visit and also enjoy everything they have to offer.

Ex Yugoslavia tour

Our Ex Yugoslavia tour gives you the opportunity to experience everything from the Julian Alps to the Adriatic coast in just four countries. Enjoy ex Yugoslavia’s melting pot of cultures and understand its long history. Explore historical sites from the Roman period, Ottoman empire and of course a large number of medieval buildings. Explore Slovenia‘s […]

Best of Croatia tour

Join this private tour of Croatia and see the best sites Croatia has to offer and experience its beautiful nature. Discover Croatia from its capital city, Zagreb and the Istrian peninsula to its wonderful islands and coastal towns. Experience this small but beautiful country with Best of Croatia tour.

Slovenia and Croatia tour

Take the opportunity to experience the best of Slovenia and Croatia. We will take you on a journey all the way from the Alps to the Adriatic sea and its picturesque coastal towns and beautiful islands. Climb the mountains of Slovenia and take a swim in the crystal clear sea with our  Slovenia and Croatia […]