Eastern Europe Christmas tour

Our Eastern Europe Christmas tour offers a number of wonderful Christmas markets. It gives you the opportunity to try local dishes and drinks. Also, we are sure you’ll enjoy the astonishing nature of Slovenia, Austria, and other beautiful Eastern European countries. Join us on this festive journey for the best Christmas experience!

Christmas tour

If you enjoy Christmas time this is a tour for you. Enjoy a winter wonderland in Europe’s most beautiful cities from Hungary to the Czech Republic. Explore every bit of astonishing Christmas markets. Whether you like big cities or charming villages you will love this journey. Join our Christmas tour for the best yuletide experience!

Winter tour of European capitals

Visit Europe’s most beautiful capital cities in the winter atmosphere. Experience the best cities from Slovenia to Germany have to offer. Join our Winter tour of European capitals and enjoy the winter wonderland.

Central Europe Tour

Explore Central Europe through its most beautiful capitals: Budapest, Vienna and, of course, Prague. You will get a chance to see some of the most beautiful medieval works of architecture. Join our Central Europe Tour and enjoy it!