It is tough to enlist the top 10 attractions in Europe as nature is bounteous towards the continent concerning the land’s scenery and demographic features. However, here is a list of places that remain tourist hot spots all over the year.


Read through the ultimate list of the Top 10 attractions in Europe below;


1. Eiffel Tower | Paris, France

Paris is an iconic city recognized for its architectural wonders, and the Eiffel Tower is the most visited monument of France. In 2017, Eiffel Tower was designated as the most Instagrammed attraction in Europe. The French government built this tower in 1989 to commemorate the 100th  anniversary of the French revolution. It amuses the spectators at night as 20,000 bulbs illuminate it. The elevation comprises 1665 steps, but tourists can hike up to the second floor (700 steps) only. Tourists wonder how this 324-meter tall gigantic tower grows in summer and shrinks in frosts up to 6 inches.




2. Grand Canal | Venice, Italy

Venice, the eye-popping town in Italy, captures tourists’ imaginations from all over the world due to its extensive canal system. While visiting Europe, Venice’s grand canal remains at the top of the tour itinerary due to its panoramic view and exciting history. Moreover, the 14th-century houses on the canal bank show the gorgeous past and glamorous present of the city. Managing more than 60 percent of the floating city’s traffic, the Grand Canal plays a vital role in the city’s existence. Annually tons of private tours to Italy enjoy the mesmerizing canal rides.




3. British Museum | London, England

A trip to London is incomplete without paying homage to the British Museum, the first national public museum of the world and one of the world’s most visited. This stunning museum is home to 8 million objects (art and artifacts) collected from all the continents of the universe, some of which are 2 million years old. The cafes and restaurants within and outside the place, offering delicious eatables at a reasonable price, make it a fervent place for history lovers.




4. Lake Bled | Slovenia

In Slovenia’s northwest tectonic region, Lake Bled is mainly fed by the warm waters of underground springs. Away from the hustle and bustle of Europe, a bath in its pleasantly warm water makes you feel rejuvenated. One hundred meters hiking towards the Bled castle perched on the adjacent hill ensures the Lake’s captivating view surrounded by the mighty mountains and alpine forests. Coming down the mountain, take a boat and move towards the tear-shaped only natural island of Slovenia, the Bled Island. In Europe, where you witness glamour everywhere, the tour to Lake bled ensures to wipe out body and soul’s tiredness. This is one of the reasons that this lake makes it to the list of the top 10 attractions in Europe for many private tours to Slovenia.




5. Anne Frank House | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Anne Frank is a vibrant character of Amsterdam’s history who died at the age of 15 only, but her diary is still worth reading. Tourists come here out of their curiosity. The house of Anne Frank is located at Prinsengracht canal. You can visit this house through an audio tour available in 9 different languages. Besides, the trek to Anne’s palace is thought-provoking and takes you back to the WWII era. If you are a teenager or above, you must visit this house to feel the pain of those who perished in world war. There is also a cafe in the museum to buy eatables and make this expedition memorable.




6. Stockholm | Sweden

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, has more than 100 museums and tourists visit this beautiful city of Europe due to its stunning architecture, picturesque views, and glorious history. This city is also known as beauty on the water for its 14 islands and 57 bridges. The other name of this most walkable city of Europe is the world’s smallest big city. It is home to the world’s most extended art gallery and largest hemispherical building. The absence of heavy industry in Stockhome makes it the cleanest city in the world.




7. Prague Castle | Czech Republic

Prague is dubbed as the Crown of the Czech Republic, and the grand castle of Prague is the jewel of that Crown visited by almost two million visitors yearly. The court has four churches and four palaces, replete with historical events and showing more than a pretty building. The Guinness book listed it as the largest ancient castle in the world. It offers everything an explorer can wish, from jaw-dropping architecture to Gothic statutes, beautiful streets, and a billion-cost treasure of the Crown’s jewels. It remained the seat of power for kings and princesses for centuries. Love for medieval architecture attracts multiple private tours to the Czech Republic and particularly to this castle.




8. Iceland

Iceland, home to the oldest parliament, is the darling country for democracy lovers worldwide, giving them surprises they can’t expect anywhere in Europe. It is situated in North Atlantic Ocean. Geologically active Iceland has more than 125 volcanic mountains and offers hot springs for a bath. Nature has rewarded Iceland with a colossal amount of glaciers, almost 11 percent of the whole territory, to counter the magma and the seismic waves; this is why this country is known as the land of ice and fire. Reykjavik is the only capital in Europe, having no Macdonald’s restaurant. People don’t use fossil fuels to warm their houses, but the hot water is pumped through the turbine. For the less usage of fuels, this city is known as the most eco-friendly city.




9. Trevi Fountain | Rome, Italy

Have you ever imagined the water producing money? You can visit the Trevi fountain in Rome where almost $4000 is taken out of the water daily. The government uses this money to give subsidized food items to the poor class. This immense fountain is 26 meters high and 49 meters wide, also known as Rome’s largest Baroque fountain.




10. Edinburgh | Scotland

Scotland is a country having three different geological features like lowland, highland, and island. The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, the worth viewing lush green city with 112 parks, is among the top 10 attractions in Europe. It welcomes millions of tourists in August to watch Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival, the largest art festival globally. We all google all the time, but few of us know that the most authentic information source, the encyclopedia Brittanica was first published in Edinburgh. J K Rowling wrote the famous Harry Potter in Edinburgh. Citizen of Edinburgh James Braidwood firstly introduced the fire extinguishing techniques in history. Tourists find it amazing that the city has the largest electric blanket beneath the road to balance the temperature and traffic in winter.




Succinctly speaking, when all is said about the top attractions in Europe, this list is not even the end of the beginning. Europe challenges you to explore the limitless adventure of centuries-old mysteries and histories, cultures and architectures,  museums and restaurants, lights and nightlife, and the list goes on.

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